Who we are

Castello Editore

Castello Editore 's mission is to create innovative and informative products relevant to all areas of manual medicine that can help people lead healthy lives through better conditions.

In 1988, after participating in an applied kinesiology conference in Italy, an American doctor wanted to delve deeper into the subject. Not finding any material in Italian, the doctor thought of founding a company, the Castello Editore publishing house, which since 1991 has published the most important texts by foreign authors in Italian. The first published text, AK Synopsis, now in its fourth edition, is the leading volume in applied kinesiology .

Castello Editore is committed to improving the informative and educational qualities in the fields of chiropractic, osteopathy and sports medicine by meeting the different needs of customers.

The publishing house Castello Editore is also committed to shipping the volumes at competitive prices and to improving the products and their accessibility.