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Posture is the shadow of emotions

Posture is the shadow of emotions

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The world in balance. I have known Alfio Caronti for almost twenty years. Before for me it was almost an abstract entity, a name evoked by the stories of a mutual friend - Daniele Redaelli - who described to me what Alfio managed to do with his hands, with champions and with ordinary people like him.

The world in balance is a concept. And it easily comes to mind when I think of Alfio today. Everything he did, every adventure he led - as a practicing athlete and as a researcher, because he is a researcher - was based on a special relationship with the environment. And with ourselves, our body and its 'feeling' of the surrounding world.

Alfio won me over immediately, I admit it. Over the past twenty years I have consumed one hundredth of the medications I had taken in my previous life. And I suffered a tenth thanks to his advice. He won me over not only because of his work but because I looked at the world - and also the sport I have followed for work since I was still a high school student - in a different way. Deeper and more complete. Every time I visit him, or read one of his messages, a slice of the world opens up or his vision of who we are and how we can improve is even more confirmed.

He talks about our body, but I think he 'feels' how all that physicality, those voluntary and involuntary mechanisms that he manages, also have a direct and profound relationship with our soul.

- Manlio Gasparotto - Corriere della Sera

The author Alfio Caronti DC MSc

Alfio Caronti graduated in Chiropractic from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa (USA). In 1985 he began his collaboration with CONI. Many athletes and teams he will take care of. Among these Alberto Tomba, Deborah Compagnoni, the Valanga Azzurra, the Valanga Rosa, the athletes of the Italian Rowing Federation and those of the Italian Canoe Federation with Antonio Rossi, the tennis player Milos Raonic and the Inter team. From 1991 he will be a member of the FISI Research and Experimentation Commission. Author of some scientific publications, Caronti received a Doctorate in Sports Sciences from the University of Torvergata in 2005. Speaker at numerous international conferences, he is a member of the Italian Chiropractors Association. He practices the profession of chiropractor in his practices in Como and Cantù.

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