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The wisdom of the body

The wisdom of the body

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Posture dictionary. A simple, essential and complete book to enter the world of posture...

The wisdom of the body: digressions on posture

A simple and essential, but complete, book to enter the world of posture, understood not so much as a medical specialization, but as an understanding of why we are and move in a certain way.

A step-by-step guided journey from the paintings of great painters through our body and our psyche, with the help of knowledge from the most varied Western and Eastern medical techniques, from embryology to applied kinesiology , from functional medicine to Chinese medicine.

A text suitable not only for doctors or dentists who want to approach the subject, but also for physiotherapists, sports coaches, practitioners of psycho-corporeal therapies and all those who wish, for hobby or work, to know themselves and others better .

Book composed of:

  • 260 pages
  • 136 figures
  • 60 drawings and diagrams
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