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Castello Editore

Information Poster Applied Kinesiology

Information Poster Applied Kinesiology

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Information Poster Applied Kinesiology, Reflexes and Meridians...

Information Poster for your study.

Castello Editore offers the color information poster on applied kinesiology, reflexes and meridians. Made to allow the professional to obtain all the useful information at a glance, made in 14 different colors, measuring 84.3 x59 cm.

The main legend, at the top left of the billboard, allows you to find the information necessary to act on each muscle. Bottom right, the reflex points of the step. In the lower part, the description of the meridians and the "law of the five elements".

Muscles, neurolymphatic reflex points, neuromuscular points and meridians are listed.

The page with instructions for using the poster will be provided together with the poster.

Printed on glossy card stock.

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